Jul 172014

From Annie P., Anaheim, CA

After doing a google search I came across the Kauai Tropical Weddings & Photography website. I immediately contacted Jessica and asked her a few questions about the services they provide. Out of all the other wedding officiants I spoke to over the phone she definitely won cause she was very easy to talk to and explained every step of the process.

I just want to say  Jessica and her Husband Robert have such a great work dynamic that absolutely made my husband Juan and I feel at ease. They both were very easy going and were open to our suggestions and opinions. Robert is such a great photographer who is willing to work with ideas one might have in mind. We are so glad we had the chance to have Jessica and Robert as our wedding officiant and photographer especially since we eloped we were afraid we might be dealing with serious/critical people but instead we dealt with wonderful loving folks!

Ok! I’ll stop there before I keep rambling about how happy and satisfied Juan and I are with the services we got. I would definitely recommend  Kauai Tropical Weddings & Photography to anyone who is going to be in the Kauai area and is looking for Wedding Coordination, Officiate, or Photographer.

From Sandy H., Ringgold, GA

I had no clue where to even start planning a wedding. I thought maybe the resort we were staying at could help, wrong. I had our resort reserved already but going through an exchange company I kept getting the main headquarters. So as others do, I googled weddings in Kauai. Looked through several and emailed several. Out of everyone I spoke to and emailed. Jessica at Kauai Tropical Weddings & Photography was the most knowledgeable and informative of them. Its a tough decision to make when you are putting your trust in someone you don’t know on one of the most important days of your life. I guess you could say I had a “gut” feeling about Jessica and Kauai Tropical Weddings. I can say now that I am very glad that I decided on them. We were married on April 14, 2013. Jessica had everything done before we got to the island. She had an answer to ever question I had, God Bless her. She had the ceremony edited as I requested, my flowers were absolutely gorgeous. The ceremony was great, Jessica did a wonderful job. Her and her husband Robert were very easy to speak to. Robert was snapping away at our photos, I guess he could tell I was nervous. He stopped, looked at me and said “take a deep breath”. I’m glad, cause I was a nervous wreck, lol. They both made the whole event go smoothly. They are very professional and made the whole occasion all about what we wanted. They are genuinely very nice people. We are very glad to have had them included on our special day. The pictures turned out awesome. None of our families were able to attend so the pictures Robert took were very important to us. Jessica also took photos after the ceremony. I will gladly refer anyone to them, and have done so already. In twenty so years from now when we renew our vows I can only hope that Robert and Jessica are still around to do the ceremony. I highly recommend for anyone coming to Kauai to get married to use Kauai Tropical Weddings & Photography. You will not be disappointed. 

Jul 132014

We here at Kauai Tropical Weddings offer a unique, private wedding venue on Kauai’s famed North Shore. It has stunning ocean and mountain views.

Here are some photos from recent weddings at our property.

Feb 052013

A testimonial by Amanda on Yelp after her dream Kauai Wedding

Amanda, Brent and Jessica

Where to begin…Jessica is nothing short of a miracle! I’d give 10 stars if I could. I hired her after a few months of meltdowns…planning a destination wedding from afar is not easy. But I’m stubborn and particular and a perfectionist and wanted to “DIY”. So I had my vision and picked a ceremony site, a reception site, a photographer, sent out the save the dates/invitations, maybe a few other things I can’t remember….and then I hit a huge wall. The “island style” communication A.K.A. painfully slow response times of the vendors started frustrating me…and then I got exhausted trying to envision everything alone…and then the shocking price tags started making me feel like I was getting ripped off and paralyzed my decision making…and my wedding party wasn’t helping because they were all in other cities and long distance too….so my MOH suggested I hire a partner on Kauai. I did not want to spend money on planning services, but I did not want to head down the bridezilla path, so I finally broke down and agreed to find help.

I was originally drawn to Jessica because of her 5 star reviews here on Yelp and her website offering “day-of coordinating services”. Other wedding sites listed full packages that I didn’t need and didn’t look as adaptable to “pick up where you left off”, but Jessica’s spoke to me immediately. In my mind I still secretly thought I could do it all myself and then just have someone swoop in the week before to allow me to enjoy myself, and her price was right. But upon my first phone call with Jessica, she had an amazing calming effect on me and I realized how much I needed her. She gave me confidence in the decisions I had already made, and added such good ideas to complement mine. Before I knew it, my penny pinching fingers loosened their grasp and I was hiring her to help me plan EVERYTHING. My wedding was “big” for a destination wedding (42 people) and her help saved me so much time and agony I discovered how worth the fees it was to have her as a partner. She helped me choose and coordinate with the florist (by far the most work/biggest expense for me), the musicians, and the cake artist, and she saved the day in helping me coordinate with my reception site and minister, both very tricky to reach and accomplish anything with. She also helped me with the day’s timeline, answered my questions about what other brides do for this and that, sent me friendly reminders of tasks I needed to complete, received all packages I sent with miscellaneous reception items, and was there at the rehearsal and of course the day of to make sure everything ran smoothly…and it did! She was very present the weeks leading up to my trip and the weeks we were there, yet she seamlessly blended in at the same time and did not overextend herself one bit. I got to meet her a few days before the wedding to go over some things and it was so natural just like seeing an old friend. She was wonderful!

Qualities I love about Jessica:
1) She is an excellent listener and extremely patient (She took time to capture every last detail of our conversations, and I made changes to the floral at least 100 times)
2) She is very giving with her time — she must have ate slept and dreamt my wedding in the weeks prior
3) She is creative and has good ideas that complement yours, even some $ saving ones!
4) She is realistic, honest and gives her opinions when asked but does not force them
5) She is encouraging and warm
6) She is ruthless with your vendors (she got responses from them WAY faster than I ever could have!)
7) She is incredibly organized and thorough
8) She is good at juggling different personalities and matching your style (this I believe is a “you’re just born with it” kind of quality)
9) She is completely deserving of your trust — a hospital bed would be the only thing stopping her from running my wedding
10) She never leaves you hanging: If she doesn’t know something right away, she looks into it and gets back to you with an educated answer. If she can’t respond right away, she lets you know when she plans to respond so you’re not waiting and wondering.

I could go on and on (sorry), but let’s just say she’s a seasoned pro in the wedding planning business, and exactly who you want to be involved in your wedding. Whatever your specific needs, she will customize a service for you, and she will not disappoint you. Hire her now!

Jan 232013

Kauai Wedding Ceremony Packages & Services

Plumeria Wedding Package – $850

Officiant and Photography Package**
This is our most popular package. Check out our Testimonials

  • Personalized Ceremony/Vows
  • Set-Up Marriage License Appointment
  • Processing of License Paperwork
  • Non-Denominational Ceremony / Wedding Officiant
  • Two Kukui Nut Keepsake Leis for Traditional Wedding Lei Exchange
  • Commemorative Hawaiian Keepsake Wedding Certificate
  • Photography of Ceremony and Photo Session with Couple after Ceremony *
  • DVD of Beautiful, Print Ready Digital Photos plus Originals
  • Minimum of 100 photos (there are usually more!)
  • Location Suggestions If Needed (Subject to Beach Permit Fee or Site Fee depending on Location)

* There is an additional charge when photography of wedding parties of eight or more is required. ** Above Package Does Not Include Ceremony Coordination. Please inquire if ceremony assistance is desired. There is a coordination fee when additional services are added.

Wedding Photography Package – $650

  • Ceremony Photography Only
  • Photography of Ceremony
  • Photo Session with Couple after Ceremony *
  • DVDs of Beautiful, Print Ready Digital Photos plus Originals
  • Minimum of 100 photos (there are usually more!)

* There is an additional charge when photography of wedding parties of eight or more is required.

Officiant Wedding Package – $350

Officiant Only Ceremony**

  • Personalized Ceremony/Vows
  • Set-Up Marriage License Appointment
  • Processing of License Paperwork
  • Non-Denominational Ceremony / Wedding Officiant
  • Two Kukui Nut Keepsake Leis for Traditional Wedding Lei Exchange
  • Commemorative Hawaiian Keepsake Wedding Certificate
  • Location Suggestions If Needed (Subject to Beach Permit Fee or Site Fee depending on Location

** Above Package Does Not Include Ceremony Coordination. Please inquire if ceremony assistance is desired. There is a coordination fee when additional services are added.

Kauai Wedding and Reception Coordination

Kauai Church Wedding

Amanda and Brent, March 24th, 2012

Wedding Tent Reception

Beautiful Wedding Decor

Wedding Reception Tent Decor

Wedding Reception Head Table

Bride and Groom

Wedding Reception Head Table

Beautiful Wedding Cake and Bridal Bouquet

Complete Wedding/Reception Coordination

This is the most comprehensive service we offer. We will take care of every detail of planning your Kauai wedding in the months leading up to it, coordinate the set up and oversee the flow of the day itself. We can arrange, based on your specifications, everything you need for your perfect Kauai wedding: ceremony, flowers, music, caterer, tents and décor, and all of the little details that come up as the planning unfolds.

Day Before and Day of Wedding/Reception Coordination

Perhaps you want to make the arrangements leading up to the Big Day, but want to relax and enjoy your time on Kauai. If so, then this is an excellent option for you. We will coordinate the vendor’s schedules, the set up the day before and the flow of your wedding and reception on the day of the event. This way you don’t need to ask a family member or friend who is there to enjoy the experience of your wedding along with you.

Day of Wedding/Reception Coordination

Similar to above, in this option we arrive the day of your wedding and reception to monitor the flow of your ceremony and reception to ensure everything goes according to plan. You will be able to enjoy your day rather than run around keeping track of all the details.


Oct 112012

Writing your own wedding vows is one of the best ways to personalize your ceremony. If you are a little nervous about doing this, here are some suggestions and ideas to help make the process fulfilling and successful. The exercise of writing your feelings down about your future mate can be a wonderful, emotional, and meaningful experience and a way to gain more insight into your relationship.



It is good idea make sure the Officiant you have chosen will actually allow personalized vows. If writing your own vows is really important to you, then this is a good question to ask when choosing an Officiant. Some celebrants and houses of worship may require you to recite a specific set of traditional vows. Once written, it is a good idea to give a copy of your vows to the Officiant prior to the ceremony, so he or she can understanding the timing and perhaps make some helpful suggestions.


Start by reading both traditional and non-denominational examples of wedding vows to see what speaks to you. Borrow freely from poetry, books, religious and spiritual texts — even from romantic movies or lyrics to songs. Jot down words and phrases that capture your feelings. You can incorporate what you find into your own words or simply use them as a way to get inspired.


 This is SO IMPORTANT: Don’t leave writing your vows until the day before your wedding! You’ll most likely be too nervous, excited and distracted to give them the time and thought they deserve. Give yourselves at least a month and try to have them finished at least a a week prior. It is best to write your vows in a relaxed, not rushed, state of mind.


Before you start writing, decide what overall tone you want to achieve: Lighthearted, Touching, Poetic, Romantic? It’s up to you — the most important thing is that your vows speak to who the two of you are as individuals and together as a couple. Whatever tone you pick, the vows should, in some way, acknowledge the importance of the commitment you’re getting ready to make. One way to do this is to weave an inside joke into you’re your vows (for example: “I promise to love you, cherish you and always watch football/surfing/mud wrestling with you”).


Make sure you and your fiance are both on the same page. Are you each going to write your own vows, or will you write them together? If you’re writing them separately, do you want to run them by each other before the wedding or leave them as a surprise? (The latter can a nice way of keeping a spontaneous feeling at the actual moment.) If you’re writing them together, will they be completely different for each of you, or will you recite some of the same words and make the same promises to each other, as you would with traditional vows? Either way, make sure you send a copy of what you’ve written to your Officiant so he/she can familiarize him/herself and have a backup copy in case you need it.


Here is a great excuse to get together, have a date, go out to dinner or set aside an evening at home to be together. Look at this as an opportunity to talk about your relationship and what marriage means to you both. What do you hope for from each other and the relationship? What are you most looking forward to about married life? Why did you decide to get married? What hard times have you gone through together? What have you supported each other through? What challenges might you face together in the future? What do you want to accomplish together? Answering these questions will not only help you make and keep the promises you can incorporate into your vows, but can be a great tradition to continue to keep your relationship and marriage healthy and happy.


After chatting with your fiance, it is important to spend some time alone to reflect on how you feel about your partner. What did you feel when you first saw them? When did you realize you were in love? What do you most love and respect about your partner? How has your life gotten better since meeting your mate? What about them makes you a better person? What qualities do you most admire in each other? What do you have now that you didn’t have before you met? You may be surprised how the answers lead you to the perfect words.


An outline can get you started by helping to establish a clear structure. For example, plan to first talk about your fiancé special qualities and then about how you work well together as a couple, then quote your favorite words from a song and then go into your promises to each other.


Don’t make your vows so personal that they’re meaningless to those listening. If you’ve invited your family and friends to witness your vows they are there in order to publicly acknowledge your bond. So it is thoughtful to be sure everyone feels included in the moment. That means putting a limit on inside jokes, deeply personal anecdotes, anything embarrassing, and obscure nicknames.


Don’t make your vows too long — aim for a few minutes or so each, five minutes max (really, it’s longer than it sounds!). Get at the heart of what marrying this person means to you; focus on the most important points. You don’t need to say everything. You have the rest of your lives!


Reading words to yourself and saying them out loud can be two very different things. It is important to make sure your vows flow well when spoken. Watch out for tongue twisters and super-long sentences — you don’t want to get out of breath or stumble.


When the big day arrives, just before you say your vows, take a moment to feel your feet on the floor (or sand if you are in Hawaii) and take a deep breath. Don’t rush. This is your special moment. Soak it in and enjoy it. You will remember the feelings for the rest of your lives.

May 272012

Christa and Will were married recently at beautiful Shipwreck Beach on the South Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. It was another glorious Kauai day.

They had this to say about their experience with Kauai Tropical Weddings.

“We cannot thank Jessica and Robert enough for such a worry free wedding. Every detail from arranging the pickup of the marriage license to Jessica helping select the most beautiful bouquet was perfect. Jessica worked with us to select a beach location that was close to our hotel on the south side of the island. Shipwreck Beach was incredible. We were a little worried having never been to Kauai and seeing the beach only in pictures online but wow we were amazed. On one side you have the beautiful beach with a cliff and on the other side you have wooded trails that are all great for pictures.

Jessica made the communication between us very easy and was in contact throughout the day of the wedding confirming weather and times. Both Jessica and Robert took away any jitters we had and the ceremony was very relaxed and romantic. Robert took amazing pictures and we received them in the mail the following week. Because it was just the two of us, the pictures were very important for us to be able to share our special day with our family and friends. Robert captured the entire wedding so nicely through the photos. We especially love the candid shots. We really cannot say enough great things about Jessica and Robert and completely recommend their services. Thank you so much for making our day one we will always cherish.” –Christa & Will

Apr 042012

We recently married a very sweet couple at Anini Beach on the North Shore of Kauai, our beautiful Hawaiian Garden Island. It was a special morning wedding and the light was beautiful. The spot we picked has a natural area to have the ceremony and great photo opportunities for shots after. It was just the two of them and the ocean for their intimate, beach wedding.

Apr 012012

Amanda and Brent were married on Kauai, March 24th, 2012. They had an intimate ceremony at Church of Koloa and a beautiful, fun filled reception at Kilohana Plantation. Amanda and Jessica, Kauai Tropical Weddings wedding planner, had lots of fun putting together all the details. Amanda had a great vision of what she wanted, and Jessica brought it all together working with some great local Kauai vendors. The colors were bright and sunny. Kauai Musical Arts provided a trio of string instruments at the church and the reception featured lively sounds from Amanda’s iPod. There was a stunning cake created by Cakes by Kristin. Amanda wrote a sweet poem to her groom that became a great “break the ice” game at the beginning of the reception. Kilohana Plantation is a wonderful option for a reception site. The guests were treated to a train ride with Mai Tais prior to the start of the reception. They set up a tent on one of their lawns, which was exquisitely decorated by the folks from Martin Roberts. Everything went great and fun was had by all, especially the happy bride and groom!!